South Africa

South Africa

February 28, 2023 Golf 0

I played 4 tournaments on the Sunshine Tour to prepare for the season. Every tournament was special and challenging in different ways. All from unplayable wind conditions and rain/thunder delays to physical and mental obstacles. It is safe to say, I got really good feedback on my game moving forward. 

I finished T10 on the first tournament but did not get the job done on the other tournaments. Not necessarily feeling like I played bad, I need to focus on what I am in control of. 

I am trusting and focusing on the process. I do not use results to determine where I am but only to give me feedback on what to work on. I am very excited for this year and to work on improving my game. I am going to play LETAS again this year. I want to gain experience and want to focus on getting better. Having a set schedule and a tour which provides competitive tournaments is what I need to reach my goals. 

Next up: first LETAS in Spain!

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