Professional Golf

Professional Golf

May 22, 2021 Golf 0

I am very excited to become a professional golfer. I loved college golf, but it was time to take the next step in my career. My plan for the next few weeks is to stay in the U.S. 

  • May 23-26, I am going to Palm Springs to play the Q-school courses. 
  • June 3-6, I will be caddying for my friend Amanda Linnér at the Women’s U.S. Open. 
  • June 14-16, I will play my first professional tournament at Cactus Tour in Las Vegas. 

I am going home to Sweden on June 22. I am very excited to see my friends and family, but also to play the Swedsih Team Championship, Swedish Match Play Championship, and GolfUppsala Open before coming back to the U.S. to play Q-school. 

It is just the beginning. My last few years at college have been tough and I have not played as well as I wanted to. But I have learnt so much from it; failure is a part of the process to success. I look forward to only focusing on golf. 

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