Getting Better

Getting Better

January 26, 2023 Golf 2

I have enjoyed my time at home as I have reflected on 2022 and made plans for 2023. I need to improve my game and that is what me and my support system is working on. We are working together on identifying what needs to improve and how can I make it happen. I am very grateful to have people around me that believe in me and can help me move forward. 

Swedish winter means practice indoors, focusing on technique. I am lucky to be able to practice at DC Indoor Golf Lindome in Trackman simulators. I also practice at my home course Delsjö GK where we have a range under the roof with heaters and I can see the ball fly. Winter season also means more time in the gym. I am always prioritizing my body’s well being and working out. I have great guidance from Elitcenter who help me build strength, speed and to stay away from injuries.

I have had help to identify what needs to improve with my putting and am currently working on getting a better putter that suits my stroke. 

Always working on my physic

Looking forward to go to South Africa to start the season!

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  1. David Fisher says:

    Hi Corinne

    Sorry you & Sara just missed out on the cut here at Atlantic Beach. The winds were very unkind to you all this week and turned the course into a really tough track. Enjoy the rest of the time you have here in Cape Town and I wish you both well for your Jo’burg tournaments. Stay safe, David

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