Being Professional

Being Professional

July 24, 2022 Golf 1

I love what I do. I love golf. I love to travel. I am so grateful for this life. 

But it is not as easy as it looks on Instagram. Most of the weeks, it is hard work without reward. Again, I love it, I love the challenge and I know my potential. But for the last months, it has been constantly frustrating to not perform at the level I want to. Patience. Enjoy the process. Yes. But I want to be real with you, it is stressful and challenging to never feel like you are enough. I choose everything I do, and I have been too optimistic to fit it all in. I am tired and could not be more excited to be in Sweden for the next few weeks!!!

First world problems. Life has ups & downs. We all have them. They come and go as we learn from it. That’s what makes us stronger.

Anyways, the game feels good and I trust the process. I just haven’t gotten the results I want yet. Lack of joy and stress to perform made golf harder as I finished T12, T43, and T38 at the last tournaments on LETAS. But I do recognize the positives and that I have had good rounds of golf even though I am not satisfied with the end result. Half the season is to come! I am very excited about that and I am ready to finish strong. But first, I need some rest and get back to being the happy person I usually am.

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  1. Mark & Melissa says:

    September 2
    Great tournament! Under par! Loved the bounce back birdie on #17 today. Being professional is hard work!

    A couple of your fans from DPCC
    Mark & Melissa

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